Product Safety Announcement

Being parents ourselves, we are guided by a strong commitment to only distribute brands that ensure rigorous testing that provide consumers with safe products and one that meet and exceed safety standards.

Oribel HQ in Singapore made improvements to the Cocoon’s left and right legs to make it sturdier. While the high chair meets and exceeds ASTM and EAN standards, they saw that excessive rocking may cause cracks and breaks to it. This only applies to old Cocoon units manufactured prior August 2018 or legs with no “R” marked. All units being sold as of February 2019 to present are not part of this batch.

We recommend replacing your legs even without cracks and breaks. If your high chair has any visible cracks, please discontinue use until you receive your repair kit. 

How to check your Cocoon

You can check if your Cocoon could be affected from its manufacturing date and presence of an ‘R’ mark on the hinge hubs of the legs.

1. If your Cocoon was manufactured in Aug 2018 or later, it is not affected

2. If your Cocoon was manufactured in July 2018 or before, and has a ‘R’ mark on the hinge hub of its legs, it is not affected.

3. If your Cocoon was manufactured before in or before July 2018 and does NOT have a ‘R’ mark, it is affected.

Identify the Manufacturing Month

Look at the Warning Sticker on the back of the Cocoon high chair or the Compliance Sticker under the tray for the manufacturing (MF) month in MM/YYYY format.
Warning Sticker - Back of High ChairWarning Sticker - Under the Tray


Identify The R Mark

The R mark at the hinge hub means that your Cocoon highchair is NOT affected.
Back of High Chair - R Mark


Which model is considered from the old batch?

All Cocoon High Chairs with silver and white legs manufactured before Aug 2018. To check the manufacturing date of your high chair, please check the sticker located at the back of its seat or under the tray.

Why is Oribel making this product safety announcement?

Being parents ourselves, it is our commitment to ensure you are holding quality products. In this case, we want to ensure you are holding a new and sturdier Cocoon legs.

What is included in the repair kit?

The repair kit has 4 parts (left, right, front and back legs) that you need to put together. Please note that only white legs are available, hence, you will also be receiving front and back legs to match everything. Silver legs has been phased out.

How do I assemble the new set of legs?

Please watch the video on how to assemble.

Repair Kit Form

Please take a picture of the Warning Sticker at the back of the Cocoon high chair or the Compliance Sticker under the tray with the manufacturing (MF) month in MM/YYYY format. Send the photos to with your name after filling up the form.