Omielife - OmieBox® UP Gasket

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  • This is a gasket for OmieBox UP. 
  • It must be assembled on thermos lid to make the thermos leak-proof.
  • For assembly instructions, please check our OmieBox UP Instructional Videos.
  • After each use, please remove the gasket and clean with warm, soapy water. Please let dry completely before re-installing again. 


This gasket will only work with OmieBox UP. All spare part purchases are non-refundableThe best way to see which OmieBox you have is by checking the box shape.

  • If your box is rectangular, it's an OmieBox UP and this is the correct part.
  • If your box is square, then it's an OmieBox and you can buy the spare parts here.
  • If you're not sure which version OmieBox you have, please email us at